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Our annual trip to Tolmers returned this year after a short hiatus due to COVID-19. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves after such a difficult year.

This is what two of our students thought of the trip. 

"On Wednesday we all went on a trip to Tolmers. I enjoyed it because we got to do fun activities with our friends and we were also able to relax with them too. The funniest part was probably when I was running in the forest to catch up with my friends and I fell in a muddy ditch. Tolmers was a nice place to go to get to know my friends and have fun with them." - Ameira 

"The Tolmers trip on Wednesday was a very fun experience. The tasks were fun, chilling and laughing with my friends in the forest, exploring new things. My favourite task that we did was go-karting because it was funny when people were cheering and pushing us, and the way we were trying to beat others.  And it was cool to see people without school clothes but in their own and it being a sunny day made things better." - Denikah