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This week we were delighted to announce the names of the students who have successfully been appointed as Prefects for 2018 – 2019.

After a rigorous selection process including a written application and a formal interview, 34 students were awarded these key positions within our Student Leadership Team. Of those students, some applied to be considered for Head and Deputy Head Prefect positions. Applicants made presentations to the entire staff body – not a small task but one they all carried out to an extremely high standard.

Being a Prefect is a position which comes with great responsibility and students are expected to be ambassadors, role models and leaders. We are delighted to confirm that the following students have been successfully appointed to the Senior Student Leadership team.

  • Rachel Anderson - Head Prefect
  • Abdillahi Ali - Head Prefect
  • Mahema Khalam - Deputy Head Prefect
  • Caleb Scotland-Babini - Deputy Head Prefect
  • Janiz Djafer - Deputy Head Prefect
  • Berdan Altinkaya - Deputy Head Prefect
  • Aleksandra Piperkova - Deputy Head Prefect
  • Riyadh Douali - Deputy Head Prefect

Congratulations to the students who were selected.