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Teaching is outstanding and teachers have the highest expectations for their students. Teachers constantly work with students to achieve the very best." - Ofsted 2014

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Jack Petchey award 2018 winners!

Chadrack Ngamakuli: Autumn term 2018 winner

In spite of having some challenges, Chadrack has done absolutely and amazingly well. He is making steady progress and has become more independent. He is an amazing student, who is self-motivated, extremely hard working, focused in every lesson and if there are issues, he tries his best to overcome it. He is an exemplary student, received huge number of  Praise points in Years 7 and 8. Presently he has accumulated high numbers of Praise Points placing him at the top of the winners board in Year 9. He has never had negative points balance! Chadrack is extremely hard working: he completes all his tasks to the best of his ability in every lesson. He reads his books during tutorials and always participates in class activities, he is a wonderful, polite, kind and caring young man.His uniform is always immaculate and has never been late to School.

Rayan Lahmil: Autumn term 2018 winner

Rayan is a committed student who also takes part in a huge range of extra curricular activities in school and within his local community. Rayan is a keen member of the Haringey Shed inclusive theatre group and has been an Oxfam Youth Ambassador at Woodside. He was exceptional in his role as an ambassador during transition, visiting local primary schools and talking about his experience at Woodside. Rayan has grown in confidence and is an amazing public speaker. He recently met with MP Stephen Twigg and helped to launch the DFID Education Report.

Najma Ahmed: Autumn term 2018 winner

Najma has achieved some superb academic result following her hard work and commitment to her studies - two Grade 8s in English Language and Literature, with also a Grade 8 in Geography. She was an outstanding mentor in Year 10 who has a real can do approach, is helpful and polite. She is very focused on achieving excellent GCSE results this year. Najma is an exceptional student who is committed to her studies despite the challenges she faces.

Monique Mitchell-Marshall: Spring term 2018 winner

Monique applies a positive attitude to everything she does. She adds a positive energy to life around the school. Since year 7 she has continuously put herself forward as school rep, council rep and now a Lead Peer mentor for the Year 9s. Monique has been dedicated to sports in and outside of school, representing the school in girls football and netball. She is also committed to her studies and even when she struggles she never gives up and values the support and advice that her teachers offer. Monique applies her experience at Woodside by supporting younger students and can be found lunchtimes and after school guiding year 7 girls with their football skills and refereeing for year 7 football matches. Monique is a joy to have in the Year she is always willing to contribute and stand up for things she believes in, but above all, she's always smiling.

Tyrese Hudson: Spring term 2018 winner

Tyrese is a young man who has overcome significant difficulties in his journey through Woodside. Tyrese's challenges made it so that he found it difficult to always know the right course of action or decisions to make. However, Tyrese returned to Woodside in Year 8 as a shining example of how an individual can overcome their individual difficulties to contribute to the community as a whole. His behaviour and attitude is now exemplary, and he often a student who shows a maturity beyond his years, not to mention a fantastic sense of humour.

Roshni Sengupta: Spring term 2018 winner

Roshni Sengupta was nominated for the Jack Petchey Award as she is an extremely hardworking an enthusiastic young person. This year she has been an exceptional example of a Woodside student; displaying a meaningful understanding of our school shared values. Roshni always comes to school with a smile on her face and gives 100% even when things are difficult. 

Abdullahi Ali: Summer term 2018 winner

An amazing contribution to the school community. He has been part of the Brilliant Club, Equality and Diversity Group, Poetry at Heart and Cambridge Insight Program. He has also written a number of articles for the Newsletter throughout the year. He is an exceptional role model that has set high standards for himself and others.

Chloe Savva: Summer term 2018 winner

Chloe is an extremely dedicated and committed athlete who has tremendous sporting ability. She has great resilience and even after breaking her leg was back in school within the next few days on her crutches! Chloe always has a smile on her face and is somebody who is admired by both staff and students. Chloe is a credit to Woodside!

Aziza Khan: Summer term 2018 winner

Aziza is a phenomenal student. She only started learning French in September and has already achieved the most amazing allocade. She competed locally to win a place in the national final of the MFL Spelling Bee at Cambridge University where she came just outside of the top 4 nationally, out of 28000 competitors. Well done Aziza!